Have you read the Turbulence Training Review by j2js?

There have been a few fitness products over the years to cause some serious hype. One can only think back a couple of years to all the different types of workouts and workout dvds that was on the market. What is the latest and greatest?

Turbulence Training

Why might you ask? TT is a weight loss program designed by renowned fitness guru Craig Ballantyne. The aim of the program is to enable people with very little time to exercise, to get a full workout in the comfort of their own home with as little as possible equipment.

If you are on the lookout for a program to follow for some easy weight loss, then TT might just be the right program for you. I highly recommend it.

There are a few things I love about the Turbulence Training program review:

  • You don’t need loads of equipment to follow the program. A set of dumbells will get you off to a great start.
  • You can do it anywhere. Sure, you won’t be taking your dumbells with you on that business  trip. But you can easily take your guide with, and do some bodyweight exercises. Your hotel might even have a gym, so you can do the full workout.
  • It is easy to start, and quick to do. A couple of 45 minute sessions a week is more than enough to whip you into shape.

Make sure you check out the TT weight loss program, you won’t be disappointed.

Quit Snoring: Ways to Treat the Nighttime Dilemma

The frequently address raised to any condition is – would it be able to be cured? That being said, that really relies on upon the way of the infection, issue, or syndrome and what learning do the medicinal and established researchers have concerning the issue.

Fortunately, wheezing is a sorry troublesome condition to treat. The way of which is likewise well-realized that most think as of it typical. So typical that numerous tend not to get irritated of its belongings, particularly when mellow. Oftentimes the snoring is a result of blocked nasal passages. To fix your polyps in nose, a product like Nasal Polyps Treatment Miracle guide is a great source of pain relief.

Medications for wheezing rely on upon the analysis accumulated. While wheezing may seem to have no sorts, it must be comprehended that there are sure sorts of wheezing that unreasonably upsets rest and there are those that don’t result in any mischief whatsoever.

Examination of the physiology and life systems of the throat and the underlying tissues will uncover where the issues root. Typically, wheezing stems from detached muscles that folds over and over again when air goes through the throat. On the other hand, this is not generally the situation. Frequently, wheezing can likewise be because of anaphylaxes, distortions, diseases and anomalous broadening of adenoids and tonsils. All of which, if painstakingly analyzed, will lead us again to the check of air section.

Ordinarily, anticipation of the fundamental driver can treat wheezing. This incorporates restraint from smoking, drinking liquor and different relaxants, and support of a perfect weight. All these have unfriendly impacts on the body as well as can straightforwardly cause detached muscles to vibrate strangely.

Medications to quit wheezing can incorporate lifestyle-evolving propensities, utilization of quit wheezing helps and more concentrated surgeries. The decision is typically situated for the snorer to take, contingent upon the disturbance of the condition.

As we have specified prior, straightforward measures can help to a great extent to the medicine of the condition. Quit wheezing supports, then again, would oblige understanding to discover what fits for you.

The business sector offers an incredible mixture of wheezing helps including nasal breathing gadgets, movable cots, oral and dental apparatuses and pressurized veils.

Nasal breathing gadgets typically expect to keep your nasal sections open or your jaws from dropping. You may discover nasal strips, nasal cuts, button up strips and jaw straps under this classification. These items regularly oblige you to inhale utilizing your nose as opposed to your mouth since mouth breathing ordinarily winds up to wheezing. It has been watched that a change from mouth to nasal breathing can take out various wheezing sorts.

Mouth pieces or oral gadgets intend to position the tongue far from hindering the air section. You ought to look for dental authority on the off chance that you are recognizing the utilization of such gadgets as answers for evening quandary.

Surgery, then again, is an irreversible choice. In this way, you ought to be watchful in the event that you really are recognizing this choice. Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty or UPPP is known to be the customary strategy for trimming overabundance tissues in the throat. A more present day methodology utilizes laser accordingly the name Laser-Assisted Uvulopalatoplasty or LAUP.

Evacuation of unnecessary tissues in the throat expands the air entry which aides decrease the breakdown of the muscles.

Methodologies to be utilized within line with your condition change as per your individual inclination and the prompt need to cure your condition. It is best to look for therapeutic help first or get yourself instructed with your alternatives before running under the blade or strapping your mouth with some gadget.

Great skin will improve your golf game

Skincare is a huge industry with many products and celebrity endorsements. In one area of skin care that’s rising in popularity is the organic skincare product. Its popularity is growing because individuals like the idea of using natural ingredients to improve the skin instead of potentially unsafe chemical compounds. In the following paragraphs we’ll have a look at a number of the reasons why you may want to use organic skincare products for a healthy looking complexion. One of the best organic skincare products I have come across is the Stretch Mark Prevention Cream by Revitol.

One of the reasons people switch to ingesting organic produce is because of their anxiety about consuming foods that might have been treated with unsafe pesticides. This is similar to people being concerned about the chemicals in skincare products that can get absorbed in the skin. As people become more aware of the risks of certain chemicals, the demand for organic products increases. Before buying an organic skincare product, you need to be sure that the product has been certified. One should also keep in mind that safe at home hair removal mostly comes down to having the best epilator on the market. To find one of these, make sure to visit epilatorforwomen.net.

One other reason you might want to switch to organic skincare is from an ethical perspective and to have the knowledge that the products you are using haven’t been tested on animals. There are also businesses that are committed to protecting the environment so that also appeals to many people. It’s good since you can have nice looking skin and have a clear conscience too. As we change the way we live and our attitudes toward our environment, the demand for organic skincare products will continue to increase.

There is a broad body of evidence that a lot of of the new organic skincare products work effectively. Like every product, you will see some good and some awful ones but with proper research, you should find some superb ones. In essence you should use a product that not merely works but it is safe and ethical to use. It’s those organic skincare businesses that achieve these that will continue to attract more and more customers. If you ever experience skin conditions like acne inversa, keep in mind that there are natural treatments available, like the fast hidradenitis suppurativa cure. Like other skincare businesses, there are many organic based ones that offer independent distribution so that you can sell these products yourself for added income.

These are all good reasons why you might want to begin to use organic skincare products. If you’d prefer a natural healthy look that is achieved in an ethical and safe manner, then organic skincare may well be the perfect choice for you.

How I added 20 yards to my drive

 my chiropractor pretoriaI have always been a short hitter of the golf ball, and have tried many a gimmick to get some extra yards off the tee. This is not going to be a long post about changing your grip, or getting a x-stiff shaft, or the latest $400 driver.

I added 15 yards to my average drive by visting my chiropractor twice a month. Sure, I am not a young whipper-snapper by any stretch of the imagination. But my chronic back pain has been a bother for quite a few years now.

My chiropractor gave me near instant relief from the back pain, and this lead to me making a fuller turn in my swing, both going back, and swinging through. You can check out my check out my chiro’s website at www.mychiropractorpretoria.co.za.

I am sure you haven’t heard too many gurus talking up their chiros, but give it a shot, you might just be surprised!

The hottest new gadget of 2014: Swingshot golf video camera

This is my absolute favourite gadget at the moment. It is basically a tiny video camera on a stick. When you go the range, you take it with and stick it in the ground behind you. The camera in the Swingshot Golf Video Camera will record your swing, which you can then watch on your mobile phone to determine where you are going wrong.

Trust me, once you have seen your swing on video, you will know where the problem lies!

The Swingshot easily fits in your bag with your clubs, and can be quickly set up while on the course as well. You pretty much pull it out of the bag when you pull the club for your next shot. Stick it in the ground, and go through your normal pre shot routine. Once you have hit your shot, pull it out and throw it back in the bag. Sites like www.golfdigest.com has also given the Swingshot very good reviews.

swingshot golf video camera

One of the neatest features is that once you click record, there is a 10 second delay before the actual recording starts. We all know that between clicking record, going through your pre-shot routine, doing your 17 waggles, and hitting the shot, it can easily take up to 30 or 40 seconds. The delay is a stroke of genius on Swingshot’s part.

For more information on the Swingshot golf video camera, read a more in-depth review here:

Swingshot Golf Camera Review

Types of golf books

Power golf instruction books are written by masters of golf, and are the key to longer shot distance driving.

If your tee shots are constantly 20-30 yards behind your playing partners, if you are always over-clubbing in comparison to them, then you have a problem. Not only will your game suffer, but your confidence and your handicap will be taking a beating. How can you fix this lack of distance? Before I recommend something to you, you have to realize that age and gender doesn’t have anything to with fixing this issue. You can start addressing this issue right now.

Instruction books on power golf will detail how you can tweak your swing, and develop your swing into a smooth, and powerful golf ball crunching action.

That’s right no matter how long you have been using your normal swing, you can start adding twenty or thirty yards extra within a very short period of time. This of course depends on how much time and practice you put into the new driving techniques.

This incredible power in the swing doesn’t come from throwing weights around at the gym, but rather from using the proper principles of the golf swing.

This raw power is built in to the golf swing, you just need to make a few adjustments to unleash it.

First off, make sure to look very closely at your current driving technique. When you look at most instructional books, you will see that you aren’t that far away from a really good golf swing.

Be sure to double check how you address the ball. You also need to be focused when standing over the golf ball. Are you really, really focused on each shot as you play it? Or is your mind wandering? Don’t focus on a million little things that you are trying to do right. Rather focus on just one thing, your target.

Proper focus can contribute to your swing in a big, big way!

Keep in mind that complete focus is required from the moment that the club starts to move, to the moment of impact, to the moment of followthrough. If you can keep your focus for this second in time, you will get much better results. Once you start swinging the club, there is no time to make a correction, rather just commit to your target, and make a positive swing towards it.

The main reason behind you losing 20 to 30 yards on your tee shots can be pinpointed to a few factors. Some amateurs break their wrists far too early, others are guilty of doing the reverse pivot. Another regular mistake is shifting your weight too much. Perhaps you are looking up too early.

Any, and all of these errors can be detrimental not only to the distance on your shots, but also the direction. Ever seen those weak slices that go way out to the right? I have been struggling with those for years.

Ponder this. On every single drive during your round, you could easily gain twenty to thirty yards, perhaps even more. This will enable you to hit a 8i into the green, instead of that dreaded 5i. This can very quickly make a big impact on your score, and on your handicap.

To do this will have a major impact on your game, your confidence, and most importantly, your handicap. A professionally written golf instruction eBook, can solve all these problems for you right now.

It is a wonderful feeling to land on the green and be in for a birdie, or a par chance, rather than hoping for the par and ending up with a bogey, or two.

So my friend in golf, The choice is yours, birdies, or bogeys. It’s all down to you.


A breakdown of the Footjoys golf shoe range

Personally I love my True Linkswear shoes, but my sons all wear Footjoys. They refer to my TRUE’s as my clown shoes. They are only fooling themselves, any pair of TRUE’s are among the most comfortable golf shoes on the planet. FACT.

Anyway, here are a few different models of FJ’s.


The MyJoys  are a great innovation from FootJoy. You can now customize your golf shoes to the n-th degree. Want purple laces with a lime green tongue, and yellow stitching. Sure, here you go. It might not end up pretty, but if you want it, you can get it. You can even add custom logos to the shoes, a great option for high school and varsity teams. Or have your father’s initials embroidered on the heel for that special touch.

Icon series

The FJ Icon shoe is the top of the range product from this highly regarded manufacturer. This model is worn by some of the leading players in the game, players that demand the utmost performance from their shoe. Coupled with quality and style, this is one of the best performing shoes on the market.

Footjoy Sport

This shoe comes with a outsole that has more features than my plasma tv. And I am not joking. I don’t understand half of it, but it sounds impressive! The white coats over at FJ has gone all out on their research, and they have combined all the research into this beautiful shoe. The Sports are lightweight, and much more stable than some of the other shoes in their range. The look is typically aimed at the younger market, but I reckon I would look very good in these.

SYNR-G Shoes

These are a very modern shoe, with incredible breathability (yes, that is a word, I checked!). The waterproofing on these is out of this world. You can pretty much go scuba diving with these without getting your feet weet. The sole comes with optiflex technology which will help your turn through the swing, giving you increased stability, and amazing comfort. FJ also claim that this shoe also provides the best motion control of their range.

LoPro Series

These are aimed at the more athletic, younger golfers with a look and feel to match their vibrant style. This modern and sport look will appeal to more casual golfers, who still value comfort. These are similar to lower profile off-course shoes, and these have incredible cushioning and superb comfort.

AQL Shoes

These are the lightest shoes in the FJ stable, and provide the golfer with extra stability. These are suitable for play all season, from the wet and cold November months, to the hot and humid July months. These are arguably the best value for your money in the whole FJ suite of footwear. These can be worn by golfers of any size, age and handicap. A very nice shoe at a great price.

Footjoy GreenJoy Shoes

The Greenjoys are another lightweight offering. On a sidenote, have you seen any shoe manufacturers offering a heavyweight offering?

These shoes come with synthetic uppers, but they are very soft, and require little maintenance. The waterproofing is much better than most manufacturers, and these value for money models will offer good comfort, nice styling and a solid fit.

Contour Series

This series is the most comfortable in the whole FJ range. And that says a lot, believe me! Flexibility is great, and the construction makes use of slip last technology. These are the closest you will come to wearing slippers on the course, according to the sales material. Well, I challenge that copywriter to a round of golf in my tried and test TRUE’s.

DryJoy Golf Shoes

The DryJoys have been with us for more than 20 years, and have seen many a major win, and will most likely continue to do so. These have been the number 1 selling golf shoe for nearly two decades, and that is no mean feat. This shoe offers great performance in any weather imaginable. These form the standard by which waterproofing in golf shoes are measured.


The Reelfit shoes are for those of us who can’t be bothered fastening our laces, and those that might have expanding feet. These shoes make use of BOA laces, and this system makes for easy adjustment at any time during your round.


These are the Rolls Royce’s in the FJ line-up. A softer leather upper you will be hard pressed to find. Coupled with a 1 year guarantee on the waterproofing, and you will not look back after your purchase.


The Classics have sadly been discontinued, but these will be remembered in golfing folkore. This style of shoe has been disappearing around the whole golfing world, and surely some of the older hands will rue this time. These shoes were hand crafted, and were the very echelon of golf shoes.

That brings to an end this round-up of the FJ models of golf shoes. If I missed out on any models, please let me know in the comments.